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Would you imagine living with a student from abroad? What would you like to learn from their culture? Which aspects of Romania would you like to show them? Global Host can make these happen.  You have the chance to host a student from 3 to 6 weeks and experience your country in a different way.


Why be a Global Host?

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Break the stereotypes!

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Enjoy the company of your hostee!

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Create lifelong friendships!

What is needed to become a Global Host?

A bed

Internet (optional)

Access to Utilities

Access to bathroom and kitchen

Discuții fără sfârșit, mentalități cu totul diferite, culturi despre care nu știam foarte multe, prietenii care sunt sigură că vor dura toată viața, o experienta cu totul nouă și diferită. Cam asta a înseamnat, pe scurt, să fiu gazda a doi voluntari internaționali. Mă gândesc constant cu dor la momentele petrecute împreună și abia aștept să ne planificăm următoarea vacanță împreună.

Beatrice Enache

What is needed to become a Global Host?


Fill the form to host one or more AIESEC volunteers.


AIESEC members will contact you to arrange a personal interview.


The meeting is done to understand the profile of the host and to inform you better about how our project works, clarifying expectations.


The volunteer is chosen according to the host's profile and other factors, such as proximity between home and work, and so on.


The volunteer arrives at your home bringing the world to your home. Be ready and travel without leaving home!